The Association of Alberta Dental Assistants (AADA) is the provincial voice for all AB RDAs. Only those individuals, who have paid annual Local/Provincial membership dues are eligible to vote, hold office, participate in decision making and have access to exclusive information and resources.


To ensure that you have access to the full rights and benefits available to our profession we encourage AB RDAs to become Local/Provincial/National association members. Membership will provide you with exclusive benefits, services, discounts, supports, professional development, mentorship and opportunities for participation in oral health initiatives, events, employment support and much more!


If you live in a region of the province that no longer has a Local association, the AADA has set aside funds to assist RDAs in those regions re-establish a Local that can participate as an AADA society partner.


Contact AADA today for information on tri-level professional association membership and join our professional family of RDAs!