Survey Results

In order to effectively advocate for Alberta RDAs we need to obtain and present data to validate the concerns, recommendations and initiatives that we take to government and to our professional College, the CADA. Data is the basis for decision making at all levels of our professional associations and we rely upon our professional members to provide that information to us through surveys and polls that the AADA conducts on a regular basis.

Here are the links to information from our most recent surveys:

October 2019 NEWS Bulletin from AADA on survey results

WEBSITE Survey Results professional development June 2019

WEBSITE Survey Results Workplace Injuries June 2019

WEBSITE Survey Results The Importance of Professional Associations June 2019

Alberta RDAs are encouraged to join the AADA Group Facebook page to participate in polls and to access exclusive information that is not shared outside the Group. Surveys are generally conducted through our partner society’s members although some will be posted on our AADA Facebook page for all RDAs to access and participate in.

To ensure that you participate in the business of our profession we encourage you to contact AADA today for information on tri-level professional association membership and join our professional family of RDAs!