Employment and Workplace Safety References

Alberta Employment Standards

Rules, regulations and compliance measures for Employers and Employees in Alberta workplaces

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act

The purposes of this Act are:

The promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, psychological and social well-being of workers

To prevent work site incidents, injuries, illnesses and diseases

The protection of workers from factors and conditions adverse to their health and safety

To ensure that all workers have:  the right to be informed of work site hazards and the means to eliminate or control those hazards; the right to meaningful participation in health and safety activities pertaining to their work and work site, including the ability to express health and safety concerns; the right to refuse dangerous work; and, the ability to work without being subject to discriminatory action for exercising a right or fulfilling a duty imposed by this Act, the regulations or the OHS Code.

Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Code